What Ever Happened to “Small”?


The old days of small, medium and large.

The old days of small, medium and large.

What ever happened to small? You know what I mean. You go into a fast food place or, heaven forbid, a movie theater and ask for a SMALL something. What they bring you back is humungous! I was at a theater once and ordered a small soda. It was 32 oz! Really, how can anyone sit through a 2 hour movie, drink that and not have to go pee just as the movie’s climax is about to occur? One of my kids has it all figured out. The theaters WANT you to go pee during the movie. This way, you miss something important and then you have to come back and pay a second time to see what you missed. Oh, yeah, and you will probably buy something to drink as well.


And speaking of theaters, why does 32 oz of Coke cost $3.50 in a theater and only $1.00 at 7-11? Let’s not even go there.

Some places don’t even offer a small any more. Ever go into a pizza joint and order a small pizza? And then the server says, “I’m sorry, we only have medium and large.” How can you have MEDIUM without a small and large. The very definition of medium is “something in a middle position.” DUH! Get it straight you guys. If all you have is 2 sizes then the smaller size is SMALL and the bigger size is LARGE.

Even recipes have changed over the years. Recipes in cookbooks that used to serve 6 now only serve 3 or 4.

Of course, this all leads to one inevitable conclusion…there few “small” Americans left, at least not when it comes to girth.

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