Digital Detritus

So I finally decided to clean up the digital detritus of my life; you know, the digital bits that you leave behind on various blog services, social networks, web sites, etc. It is amazing to me that that I can have so much stuff scattered around the web!

So I merged the blogs from my web site and into this WordPress blog. I have references this blog from the blog page on my web site (too bad I can’t use the same themes.) I have eliminated the pictures from Picasa and Facebook and created new albums on my web site.

Hopefully now there are only 2 places that I will have to keep updated: (primerily for pictures) and

One thought on “Digital Detritus

  1. Hey Ferdinand! It’s been so long since I’ve last talked to you. How are you doing these days? Thanks for checking out my blog…I’m surprised anyone reads it..hahaha…Anyhow, keep in touch.


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