The Trees

The third day of Adventure Week begins with a long, leisurely motorcycle ride into northern Sonoma County. Situated on the Bohemian Highway (yes, as in the Bohemian club) and nestled in the redwoods, is Sonoma Canopy Tours, my destination for the morning.

Zip line

Zip line

The tour includes 7 zip lines (one almost 800 ft in length), two rope bridges, a rappel and beautiful panoramic views.

Our group leaders, Alexis and Clair, are quite knowledgeable about the local flora and are very good at their jobs. While their sense of humor borders on the very corny, they are quite pleasant and warm.

The first couple of zip lines are “bunny” lines; short and designed to get us comfortable with the process of

The intrepid adventurer

The intrepid adventurer

mounting up, zipping, braking and dismounting. Then we are ready for some longer zips, including an 800′ zip that takes your breath away.

Towards the send of the zip experience, we encounter 2 rope bridges which lead to a spiral staircase that climbs 50+ feet around a redwood. This leads us to our final zip and then to a free fall rappel.

Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge

As I have done zip lines before, this is not that “thrilling” but like the white water rafting of yesterday, its quite pleasant, fun and its always great meeting new and interesting people.

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