That’s Me!

At the age of 14, I received my first 35 mm camera as a gift for Christmas. Ever since then, I have been enamored of the process of photographing the world around me and sharing that experience.

For me, photographs are a window into our day-to-day lives. In my photography, I try to record images that evoke a sense of time or of place, or to instill emotion in the person viewing them as well as hopefully expressing my unique perspective of the event. My photographs are not necessarily about representing what was there, but rather, representing my experience of what I saw.

While I do some work in a studio setting, particularly doing product photography, I particularly enjoy photographing “the moment”, so to speak, of what is happening in the world around me. My passion therefore, lies more in natural light situations, travel and nature photography and photo journalism opportunities.

“Art is art and life is life, but to live artistically: that is the art of life.”
–Peter Altenberg


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