Digital Detritus

So I finally decided to clean up the digital detritus of my life; you know, the digital bits that you leave behind on various blog services, social networks, web sites, etc. It is amazing to me that that I can have so much stuff scattered around the web!

So I merged the blogs from my web site and into this WordPress blog. I have references this blog from the blog page on my web site (too bad I can’t use the same themes.) I have eliminated the pictures from Picasa and Facebook and created new albums on my web site.

Hopefully now there are only 2 places that I will have to keep updated: (primerily for pictures) and

Fourth of July

Fireworks in Napa

Fireworks in Napa

Just thought I would post a picture of the fireworks here in Napa. It was a wonderful night and after the fireworks we went to see Hancock! The rest of the fireworks can be seen here.