So I was talking to my friend the other day, wishing him a happy birthday, when he responded, “You are my best friend, you are my iFriend!”

I guess that is what you become when two people communicate through their iPhone’s… iFriends. We are now always chatting about what cool new apps to download and how such and such an app helps to do some specific task.

Of course, my wife and kids have iPhone’s as well. Am I now iDad? Or iHoney? I am definately an iGeek.

My friend, with whom I used to talk a few times a week, now contacts me even more. After all, calls between iPhone’s are free. So why not share the minutia of your life?

I guess all I can say is…


Digital Detritus

So I finally decided to clean up the digital detritus of my life; you know, the digital bits that you leave behind on various blog services, social networks, web sites, etc. It is amazing to me that that I can have so much stuff scattered around the web!

So I merged the blogs from my web site and Blogger.com into this WordPress blog. I have references this blog from the blog page on my web site (too bad I can’t use the same themes.) I have eliminated the pictures from Picasa and Facebook and created new albums on my web site.

Hopefully now there are only 2 places that I will have to keep updated: http://www.ferdinandrios.com (primerily for pictures) and blog.ferdinandrios.com.

WordPress for the iPhone

Well today the AppStore released WordPress for the iPhone. After playing with this app, I decided to move all of my blog entries from Blogger and iWeb over to WordPress. I like the WordPress software and the iPhone client a lot, and it also just makes it easier since the SAPIEN blog is on WordPress software.

The iPhone client allows for easy posting of text and pictures. No management tools yet, but that will probably come along at some point. I like the convenience of being able to post from anywhere without having to have a laptop. This was a big issue for me in China and the reason I chose Blogger, because it was easy to email posts. Now its way easier to use WordPress and their toolset is great.

Testing The New iPhone Firmware

Well I was able to download and upgrade my original iPhone to firmware 2.0. It only took me 2.5 hours to activate the new firmware since Apple’s activation servers were overwhelmed. So I downloaded LifeCast blogging app and now now I am testing it. It seems to work well as this post shows, so maybe now I have a more reliable way to post blog entries with pictures than emailing them to Blogger.

Posted with LifeCast