How Dry is DRY?

How Dry?

How Dry?

I was doing laundry today, moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Now let me state that I have one of those new-fangled washer/dryer systems that sing to you when your clothes are done. Be that as it may, its not really the topic of this post.

I noticed today (yes, I have had the dryer for 6 months and I JUST noticed today…) that the dryer has 4 settings for DRY. Now I don’t know about you, but when I put my clothes in the dryer, I really only need 1 setting… DRY. That is the point of the dryer, no? To actually DRY your clothes.

Well what I noticed is that my dryer has the following settings: Damp dry, Less Dry, Normal dry and More dry.

I can understand (only peripherally) the Damp dry setting. Perhaps people used to living in very humid climates are so used to feeling damp that they would prefer their clothes to be “Damp dry.” But really, shouldn’t it be just called Damp? A bit oxymoronic.

And WTF does Less Dry mean? Isn’t that still damp? There must be degrees of dampness to which I am oblivious. Again, I would never use the Damp setting, so less damp, or less dry is meaningless to me.

Then there is More Dry. OK. Dry is Dry, no? I mean, really, can something be more Dry than Dry? Doesn’t the very definition of the word Dry obviate the need for a setting called More Dry?

I guess I will just continue to use my new dryer in my proletarian fashion, perpetually set to the Normal Dry setting. As long as my clothes come out Dry, that’s all I really care about.